Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's a FIRST

Our very first Military Ball that is. Considering SSG has been in the Army for over 6 years now and this is our first...geez that's appalling...well that's what happens when there's a war going on uh? Deployments kind of get in the way of the fun stuff.

I wish I could say that our first military ball was all that I thought it would be...sadly it was far from it. No offense to any other recruiter's out there but you are NOT real army because if you were you would not have behaved in that manor. My soon to be 2 year old behaves better than that! Despite all the drunkenness, excessive yelling, horrible food, and flat out rudeness, I was awfully proud of SSG. He received his Recruiter's ring and that's a HUGE honor! He worked very hard and I'm so glad I got to accept the award with him and be there to support him. I received my own award for being a supportive spouse ;)

SSG has promised me when we PCS back to a line unit he will take me to a "real" Army ball - one where wives follow etiquette and the soldiers behave like honorable men. I hope that's the case. I felt let down after the experience so if any other spouses out there have been to a military ball please tell me you had a better experience!!!! PLEASE! I guess in my mind, military balls showed honor, pride and class of the bravest men in our country! I envisioned it to be something special thousands before us experienced - I guess I viewed it as being as classic as a Carey Grant movie.

Friday night was the Recruiter's ball and Saturday night was the Masquerade Ball for our company. Since my post a ways back concerning dresses - this is what I came up with. I borrowed one of my sister's dresses for the recruiter's ball and one of my cousins dresses for the masquerade ball! They were perfect oh and cheap! I already had the shoes - an even better bonus. I just had to find a mask and that was no easy task since I wanted it to compliment the dress. I turned to my faithful handmade site ( and found a mask connoisseur. It was fabulous!

I did have fun spending time together and it wasn't all bad - we did get to sneak away early and eat at Johnny Carinos' for a late dinner (our FAVORITE)! It's back to the grind though - well SSG is - for me, well tomorrow it's JELLO making time with Little M and a HUGE bubble bath - I promised! Life is rough isn't it ;)

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