Monday, June 20, 2011

The Secret is OUT!

That's right ... another baby is on it's way! After miscarrying once last August and then again in December we are very anxious nervous excited about this baby! We are truly blessed. We kept the baby in the bag until closer to my 2nd trimester. After my ultrasound today with the specialist with everything looking in tip top shape we decided to go ahead and tell the world! McKenzie went for the 1st time with me to an appointment today. She was very excited about seeing the baby but once it was on the screen she looked confused and perplexed. Which is understandably so. Of course, I've heard about nothing BUT baby today. She loved hearing the heartbeat (if the baby could sit still long enough) and would say "I hear it again." Which brings me to that "sitting still" part. Turns about this baby is a mover just like it's big sister! Every time I've gone in for an ultrasound they've all had a hard time getting the heartbeat because the baby just moved and moved. Today was no exception. After 30 minutes of the technician and specialist trying for measurements today they gave up LOL. But everything looked fine. We head back in 5 weeks for our gender/anatomy ultrasound with the specialist and then back at 24 weeks so the baby in-utero can have an echocardiogram. Since I was born with a heart defect our babies are at a higher percentage of having one as well - hence the visits to the specialists.
Differences this pregnancy - I'VE BEEN SICK AS A DOG! Major morning sickness and extreme fatigue (of course the 2 year old probably plays into that). Serious aversion to chicken (sniff sniff). No more chick-fil-a chicken biscuits and sweet doesn't like. I lost 3lbs in my first trimester. Today I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight LOL. Hoping it starts going the other direction now. Just started showing a little last week.
So the details...
baby is due on you guessed it... CHRISTMAS DAY! Big sister's birthday in December 29...things could get interesting. That makes me 13 weeks 1 day today :)
You know what this means right?!? It's survey time! Tell me if you think it's a boy or girl at the poll on the right!


Brad said...

Congratulations to you and Daniel!!! Sorry you're feeling sick, hopefully it will pass soon. I'm sure "Nana" is excited too!

The Sanders said...

Voted. :)